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TOP MESH BODY SHOPS FOR MEN - Camury Reporting Sunday, May 28, avatar, Camury, male mesh, mesh, second life, shopping, The SL Enquirer 1 comment Many men are interested in joining the mesh revolution and investing in one of the bodies that the market offers.
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They are shown with a female in the ad, but the skinny version in the box can work for a dude too. You may need some prim shirt with it, since they are lowrise and rather feminine. But since they are free, why not try them just to see how it works? Here is a link with pictures! I haven't bought any of these for myself, so I can't comment beyond their availability. If I try any of them on, I'll report back. I wonder how that's supposed to work? I mean, will it be made to fit a slender Adonis or Conan the steroid victim?

I'm not really sure how that's supposed to work, either. Garment-layer items are "one size fits all" now anyway, of course, but it it sounds like mesh items are quite a bit more complicated. Some interesting info in this item by a clothing creator:.

It sounds like mesh is very much a technology solution, not a magic one. Okay, so I've tried on the freebie mesh jeans from Slink mentioned above as well as the baggy pants from Zoobong I misremembered them as jeans.

The flex of the "fabric" is seriously impressive, but I see the fitting challenge as a real potential drawback. More importantly, though, at least I think so - how many guys are going to want to live with the shape imposed by a mesh item? You could well end up having to change a fair bit of your shape for a mesh clothing piece to fit properly.

Areas where mesh garments meet think about the waistline could be a real problem, if the ingrained shapes of, say, a shirt and pants are dissimilar. The beauty of garment-layer clothing items such as it is is that for the most part they "just fit". Of course we've all had to work out how to fit prim components, at least if we want that extra dimension and complexity in our wardrobe. But how many ill-fitting collars and oversize jewelry pieces do you see out there, even now?

It's a brave new world! Rigging for clothing - Defining a "skeleton" for your mesh, so that it can attach to the SL avatar. Please, don't let yourself be put off or daunted by this - it's NOT as scary as it looks.

But it IS critical to learn these basic skillsets. The learning curve can be steep at first, but it is definitely worth sticking with it and coming to grips with everything - the creative potential that will be unlocked is vast once you do so. And by all means, ask any questions you need to here on the forums. There are plenty of regulars here who are happy to offer advice.

Thanks a lot of your reply and advices. No I haven't worked with mesh software yet So I try to find from where to begin. I believe that creating mesh must be not so difficult as it seems because there are a lot of people there in SL that create mesh clothing I will see the tutorials definitely but the question still remain You asked " How to import female avatar to this software and where I can find mesh avatar to import?

I explain a couple of different ways of doing it in the first two videos of this SL mesh clothing series: A good SL mesh and Blender resource is Machinimatrix: As for must suitable software, that is subjective. It depends on what program you want to work with. I use Blender for modeling and retopology, Zbrush for detailing and texturing, Photoshop for texturing and Marvelous Designer for conceptuals.

But, you could do all you needed to do with just Blender and Gimp if you wanted to. If you are new to mesh and Blender, I'd suggest these two playlists to start out: They are comprehensive and take you step by step through the process like a class. They are not clothing specific, but they will teach you the fundamentals. I haven't noticed a ton of clothing specific tutorials for Blender. Hopefully, I'll get the first one out this week.

Keep in mind he just presents one way of modeling clothing. There are many different techniques. You'll probably want to reduce the polycount on any models using this method by deleting edge loops once it is done. You can learn how to do that in the modeling series from Canned Mushroom I posted above. Keep in mind that if you make the clothing in Zbrush, you'll need to retoplogize it later to make a reasonable model to skin and bring into SL. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt but woah lol it is hard to grasp but once you do get's easier.

I tried on blender.. Most tutorials are in Blender and there are many different versions of blender with different tutorials on different versions so it's difficult to keep up and translate. I recommend using autodesk maya or studio max for creating the mesh, then if you want to rig to your avatar for clothing then take it over to blender to do that as you can rig it quite easily in there when you get the right files.

I found difficult to work with Blender for me Zbrush is a lot easier, but by reading your explanation I got the feeling that modelling, retopology and the conceptuals which seem crucial to create mesh clothing cannot be done only using Zbrush. But for what I could understand in order to create mesh clothing for Second Life you have to use blender or have to learn how to use the other programs to complement Zbrush right?

I would suggest to start making smaller objects so you can figure out what you can do and what the program limmits. I suggest going to the test grid, or having a hefty capital to start off with too for uploads and tests. Good luck with the venture, it is tough to get into, but once you do it all comes together and makes sense for other things. When I started making mesh clothes I wanted to make tight fitting dresses.

I've run into a bunch of problems the tutorials were not explaining. Most of the problems are unique to Second Life clothes making. I keep it updated with the latest information I learn. Also if you are wanting to export custom shapes from SL, this explains how to do it. The most recent problem I've figured out is getting the custom shapes into Blender or other 3D modeling programs without distortion. I cover that in: Second Life Shape Export. If you are unframiliar with the Mesh Deformer and standard size clothes, the first link deals with those.

You can follow developement of the Mesh Deformer using this link: Second Life Mesh Deformer Status. I noticed people have created all kinds of things. My problem is that on sl you almost have. I will be working on blender in linux and would love someone to suggest how to really get started so that I understand what I am doing. I drew a line in blender and saw it had nothing to do with the 3-D box. Let me google that for you.

The reason why you have to be pretty much on top of an object is because of the dynamic Level Of Detail system used in Second Life. And the relation between LOD and Land Impact, plus a certain amount of laziness of the creator to bother with creating these lower detail meshes properly.

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