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Jun 23,  · You can get cheap t-shirts from China. But it is impossible for you get any t-shirts with the price lower to 50 cents/pc. Unless the t-shirts is very plain quality and as thin as tissue paper, gsm cotton white.

We take your privacy very seriously. In the past I have been all through factories in Asia from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, to Taiwan looking for cheap good quality blanks and I was not able to find any that were comparable to those I get here, for the price I pay here. If I have one complaint, the sleeves could be a little longer.

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I buy smalls in hanes mens tshirts at the store just for around the house so i knew my size atleast for the plain white ones. I dont like it fitted but i dont wanna look like im drowning either. Im more of a athletic build size 4 or a 26 pants or in juniors. Tops in womens i always get .
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Plain T Shirts Bulk Top Selected Products and Reviews Gildan Men's Wicks Moisture T-Shirt (Pack of 12) by Gildan In Stock. Price: Price: $

It amazes me the way people cop an attitude about brands that have well-run factories in Central or South America, but haven't got a problem with buying from a Communist country with a completely dismal track record on everything from human rights to milk production.

There is such a thing as too cheap. And customers know it. June 22nd, Jun 22, 2: Let's not forget to blame us US citizens for the problem we're all in. Think about it, why are we all trying to find cheaper blanks in the first place?

It's because our customers want cheaper prices that we can't get unless we go outside the US or reduce our already rock bottom prices. I tell my customers, especially those that are saying they or their spouses are out of work and they want even lower prices, that's the reason they or their spouses are out of work in the first place. Stop trying to buy Rock Bottom Prices, and shopping at big stores like Target and Wal-mart, since we know they buy all their stuff outside the US.

June 22nd, Jun 22, 6: I appreciate those of you who backed up my post. I was concerned about "saying the wrong thing" or hurting someone's feelings, but most of you guys obviously feel the same way. I'm not dogging the original post for needing to find something cheaper for your customer. I just don't agree with going outside of the U.

If we all stand together, the customers won't have a choice. And when it comes right down to it, most people understand when you explain why you won't import a cheaper tee for them. Blessings and prosperity to you all. Hi Guys, As an foreign person of USA, I am a little scared to send my post because i am one of the vendors expect to dig the worldwide market include USA, but i think every person has his right to speak out what he is thinking.

Apparently, i can understand the feeling of you guys, after all, nobody would like exotic business capability overpass themselves. The whole encomy of world isn't good, and more and more people are facing the risk to lose their job, so is it the real reason the people lose their job, or afraid of their profit was challenged by exotic businessman? Who knows, to be honest, i think no progress if there isn't competition.

Improve it when facing challenge, not avoid it or protect it from being challenged. I am in same stand like everybody of you, most of you post here maynot consider to export, your main market is from your domestic, so it is understandable you will feel nevous when exotic businessman is going into the market that you think it should belong to you, the market is shareable as long as you has the ability, just like the knowledge.

I smelt the air of boycotting, something like protectionism. Meanwhile, i accept the goods that don't made in China, i am a Chinese, i am very happy and feel honored to be a member of T-shirt forum, this is a good place to learn and know new friends. Now, the most favorite i want to buy is a car branded "ford", maybe some people will doubt why do you need to buy a Amercian car, show your kindness to them, the answer is NO, the reason is simple, i like it, so i will buy it.

Today's world need your eyes to recognize, not ears. Any country, any places, don't live in your own mind, hear, see, and feel. Best wishes to all of you, good luck to me. Hi Bill, First of all, you're right. You have a right to your opinion.

That's why we're known as the "Land of the Free". I own things made in China and I don't have any doubt that there are great things from many nations purchased here in America every day from stores that employ Americans. I mentioned that the Gildan tees I purchase come from many places If you bypass our vendors and go directly overseas to purchase, it doesn't benefit America in any way. My soapbox speech I'm just a girl from the great midwest. Oklahoma City has seen our share of horrible things with the bombing of the Murrah Building, tornadoes and just this month, flooding.

I'm a diehard American and tired of our jobs going elsewhere to save a buck. I say Love it or Leave it. People from all over the world come here to better themselves. It's that "Land of Opportunity" thing, you know. By the way, I drive a Ford Truck too. Hi Lawanda, Thanks for your post, it make sense. Last i want to say, the world is big many years ago, but today, it isn't. Each disaster where it happens, i dont want to mention because it is memory to hugg pain, just like the earthquake in Haiti.

Wholesale T-shirts cut out the middlemen and all the costs that come with them, letting you get your shirts in bulk for a lot less than retail price. If you are a talented graphic designer or silk screen printer, then pick up packages of wholesale blank T-shirts for that next big order.

You can print your own designs and launch your own clothing line or make custom tees for local customers. Use wholesale T-shirts to print custom shirts for your sports team, school band, or volunteer club. Get promotional shirts printed for your business or event. Wholesale T-shirts come in packages of 50, , and sometimes even more. You can choose bundles or lots with just one color, or choose a mix of different colors. Sellers on eBay offer a huge range of wholesale white T-shirts, black shirts, red shirts, and other colors in men's, women's, and children's sizes.

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Want to get your items fast without the pricey shipping fees? With Shipping Pass from Walmart, you can enjoy Every Day Low Prices with the convenience of fast, FREE shipping. Whether you need a gift in a pinch or you're simply running low on household essentials, a Shipping Pass subscription gets you the things you need without hurting your pocket. The best price of plain t-shirts comes when you reach 72 or more of any one style. You can mix and match colors and sizes within a style and still get the quantity discounts. Smaller price breaks occur at quantities of 12 and Plain T-Shirts in Bulk. This doesn't mean you have to . I buy smalls in hanes mens tshirts at the store just for around the house so i knew my size atleast for the plain white ones. I dont like it fitted but i dont wanna look like im drowning either. Im more of a athletic build size 4 or a 26 pants or in juniors. Tops in womens i always get .