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At some point I shouted, 'I just can't do this anymore! These semi-permeable fibers allow vapor to pass through to the heart of the fiber to wick away moisture from the body. There are 5 mattes, 2 satins, and 3 shimmers.

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Founded in France in by Dr. Fernand Lamaze, the method emphasized relaxation, breathing techniques, childbirth education classes, and the support of the father. It has evolved over the years and today focuses less on breathing methods and more on the philosophy that women have the right to give birth the way they choose and receive support from both family and health care professionals.

A Real Dad's Take: I was working on a master's degree in public health and she is a registered nurse. However, we had a lot of questions about pregnancy and the birth process. We decided we wanted to learn as much as we could so we could be as prepared as possible. We wanted to be able to make informed choices. Thus, we signed up for and attended an eight-week childbirth preparation class with a Lamaze certified instructor. For example, she told the class, 'Your baby won't be born too early or too late, your baby will be born on his or her birthday.

This certificate reminded us that we were knowledgeable and prepared for childbirth. These thoughts gave us more confidence in my wife's body and ourselves.

As a way to maintain confidence in ourselves we taped the certificate to the wall of the room that we would bring our new daughter home to. Every time we went into this room the certificate reminded us of what we had learned during our classes. In fact, we did not take down the certificate until several months after our baby was born.

In the Lamaze class we were taught that she should move around and be in positions that were the most comfortable for her. My wife refused to have continuous fetal monitoring because she found labor so much more painful on her back. The midwife and nurses supported this request, but without the class we would have been less direct. We also stayed home longer because I felt more confident supporting my wife through early labor and thus, she was never confined to a bed.

And we knew the benefit of keeping our baby in our hospital room and how much easier it is to breastfeed when the baby stays with you -- my wife did not have any of the issues some other women have with breastfeeding. I felt like a full participant during labor. That feeling also made me feel more competent in the first few weeks with our newborn. Jones, husband of Sarah Sacuto.

The Bradley Method educates women on tuning into and trusting their own body during natural childbirth, and emphasizes natural breathing, relaxation, nutrition, exercise, and education. Known as "husband-coached childbirth," the husband or significant other also attends classes and learns how to be helpful during labor. Classes last 12 weeks and are recommended for the last trimester of pregnancy. Bradley created The Bradley Method because he believed giving women the tools for natural childbirth would help save them from countless unnecessary medical interventions.

It taught my husband to be my support and to help me give birth to our children. It helped me have a healthy pregnancy and prepared us to be parents after the actual birth. I know other people who take several hospital classes and still don't learn everything I learned in the Bradley classes. She taught us in her home, one-on-one, because of difficulties with our work schedules.

In many ways I think The Bradley Method not only offered me a wonderful birth experience, but also gave me a positive outlook on birth itself. I wanted something different, so I chose The Bradley Method because the information I found appealed to me. The classes helped me feel prepared and confident in my ability to give birth to my son. I was planning a home birth , but because I went into labor early I ended up in the hospital. The doctors were amazed at how much control I had. I was able to move freely, and in the second stage I pushed in classic, squatting, and hands-and-knees position.

It would have been agonizing trying to labor with an epidural numbing me and keeping me stuck on my back. Luckily my daughter was fine, and I was just off on my dates. I've said before that I should have just stayed home.

For her second delivery, Christine decided to use various methods of natural pain relief instead of an epidural. Get her tips on how to give birth drug-free. Birthing from Within is a natural and spiritual approach to childbirth that considers childbirth a rite of passage, not a medical event.

It helps women connect with themselves, their mothers, and their sisters, and to prepare for the birth process. Birth art belly casts, sculptures, etc. In Pam England published the book Birthing from Within , with the mission of teaching women to embrace the birth process, pain and all.

Birthing from Within classes were born soon after. But when I actually gave birth, though enormously informed, I found out I was much less prepared to deal with the pain than I thought. And after attending a seminar about Birthing from Within after having my child, I know I will use this method to prepare for the next time. I have begun to incorporate it into the blended-method childbirth classes that I teach -- Birth Day Presence in New York City-- with great results. It offers that pain is a sensation, but suffering occurs when the mind tries to escape the sensation.

So there are several concrete techniques that can help women deal with pain and ease suffering during labor, which increase a mother's pain-coping confidence as she moves toward labor. Birthing from Within also acknowledges that a laboring woman should be free to do whatever she needs to do to birth her baby and acknowledges there is no one right way to labor -- a sort of permission to moan, scream, writhe, and curse if that's what she needs to do, without feeling like she's not laboring 'right' or relaxing enough.

It helps women release the self-judgment that often comes when women go into labor focused on avoiding something such as a Cesarean or pain medication or whatever your particular thing is , so should that thing happen or become necessary during labor, she has developed the inner resources to deal with it.

The purpose of childbirth preparation, according to Birthing from Within, is to prepare mothers to give birth-in-awareness, not to achieve a specific birth outcome. HypnoBirthing teaches women self-hypnosis, which puts them in a state of deep relaxation and acts as a natural anesthesia during birth. This birth practice was developed in by Marie Mongan and is often referred to as the Mongan Method.

Through deep relaxation and self-hypnosis, HypnoBirthing teaches moms-to-be how to reach a peaceful state that helps keep pain to a minimum. The moment of truth came six weeks early with the birth of our first child, Maya. I went into labor in the evening and used self-hypnosis throughout the night and into the next morning.

All of this occurred without any of my husband's help, I might add, since he did not think I was really in labor and was asleep beside me the entire time. He proceeded to get ready and then came back to the bedroom for me. By then, Maya had dropped and I had a hard time standing and felt like I needed to hold her in. My husband was still in denial at this point! I never had any drugs. I was totally rested and refreshed and ready to go home a couple hours after delivery -- every minute of self-hypnosis is like getting a half hour of sleep!

My husband, who was at first skeptical, was truly amazed at the process and afterwards bought every pregnant woman he knew a HypnoBirthing manual and gave them our nurse's business card so that they, too, could have the same amazing experience. Doulas attend the birth and help ensure that any involved parties adhere to the birth plan , whenever possible, and allow the mother's partner to be involved in the birth according to his or her comfort level.

But my husband had never been to a birth before, so asking him to be the only person to support me would have been like me caddying for him -- kind of an unfair setup for both of us. If I was looking for someone to explain to me what was happening and guide me through it, I wanted it to be someone who knew what she was talking about. We had a midwife that we were comfortable with, but her job is to deliver the baby.

The doula was there for me. Even though I was just experiencing early contractions, I was panicky and scared. All our HypnoBirthing practice went out the window. I forgot it all and was freaking out, crying and screaming at my husband until the doula arrived and immediately calmed me down. She mostly just talked in my ear for hours, saying, 'Each contraction brings you closer to your baby,' and 'With each contraction your cervix is opening.

She offered me water and told my husband to mop my face and where to put his hand on my back. She held my hand. I think she waved off the nurses who wanted to ask about pain relief, but she wasn't obnoxious to them. Not to take anything away from my husband -- he was great, too. He supported my back with his arm and rubbed down my face with a cold, wet washcloth; told me I was amazing; and made jokes and all the stuff I knew he'd be wonderful for.

Knowing the doula was there helped him to just be there as himself instead of trying to be some kind of birthing coach or patient advocate. Many women use acupuncture leading up to their birth to help prepare their body for labor , and they also use it during birth to manage pain, sustain energy, lower blood pressure, and decrease anxiety. Acupuncture has been used in China for nearly 2, years to prevent pain and promote health.

By inserting small needles throughout the body, acupuncture is said to balance a person's "qi," or energy. Throughout the pregnancy several medical situations came up for me, and Jennifer was always able to provide a balanced, thoughtful, and honest assessment of complementary ways to approach the situation. When I decided to do a hospital 'version' -- a medical procedure where the doctor manually externally turns the baby -- Jennifer came with me and offered a natural way for me to relax, thus eliminating the need for an epidural during the procedure.

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The LED color options. Aromatherapy Sandalwood Synthetic Essential Oil fine quality ml. Devanti Ultrasonic Cool Mist 3.

You may also like. Doterra On Guard 15ml Essential Oil. Got one to sell? Feel good with natural alternative remedies Traditional medicine has made leaps and bounds in its progress over recent years and these are widely publicised. Aromatherapy This focuses on aromatherapy essential oils , preferably uncut and high grade to maximise its relaxing effect.

Herbal medicines Herbal medicines are a type of dietary supplement and an alternative medicine to the more conventional medicines on the market. Herbal medicines are free of side effects making them a popular choice Acupuncture This is a very well known alternative treatment.

Acupressure Similar in its method, but this is widely used to reduce addictive habits through the use of magnets. Buying format see all. Custom Bundle see all. Modified Item see all. Guaranteed Delivery see all. Please provide a valid price range. Item location see all.

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